Self Employed Courier Jobs

Are you searching for self employed courier jobs here in the UK or Ireland?

Do you want to earn big money?Do you want to be your own boss with the freedom to work on your own terms?

Do you like driving and meeting people?

Would you like to get up every morning to a new experience?

Many people we know that have become self-employed said that they would never go back to being employed again. Being able to work when you want to, the freedom and flexibility to work as much or as little as you require without a boss.Like with many things in life if you are prepared to work hard, gain the right contracts, offer a good professional service there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to earn over and above £300 per day, the rewards are there!Imagine driving A to B listening to your favourite music or radio station. Delivering packages has to be one of the easiest and enjoyable jobs with no boss looking over your shoulder. It doesn’t sound like work does it?

You will be travelling the country to different places every day, through some of the most scenic countryside, Lake District, Scotland, Yorkshire Dales you could combine business with pleasure stopping over in these places while you earn money.

Being independent allows you to take on the work that you want, choose the vehicle that suits you and run the business the way that you want to.self employed courier jobs

Self Employed Courier Jobs
What is required to be a courier?
• Average Intelligence
• Smart Appearance
• Able to work on your own initiative
• Enjoy your own company for long periods
• Be able to navigate to your destination
• Be able to drive safely for long periods
• Reasonable grasp of figures for invoicing, tax etc.
So if you can read a map, look smart, of average intelligence then you will have no problem at all!
Background to the courier industry
The courier industry in London or any other UK city does consist of a number of services. They are business and residential deliveries. The business deliveries are by couriers such as Initial City Link, APC; Parcel Line etc usually guaranteed next day multi drops. For this work a transit or similar size vehicle would be required. Earnings for this work range from £15,000-£30,000 per year and this work is pretty much guaranteed.White Arrow, Parcel Force, and Parcel Net and Yodel usually carry out residential work. This tends to be mail order parcels and many deliveries are evening drops. This work is usually very low paid and not worth considering unless you receive at least 50p per drop, which is still considered low. 

What we will concentrate on in this manual is same day deliveries.Same day couriers deliver packages/parcels at short notice anywhere in the country. Courier Companies use self-employed owner-drivers because they are available at short notice. The vehicles for this work do tend to be cars or light vans such as Vauxhall Astra, Renault Kangoo, and Ford Couriers etc. The couriers would collect from Point A (for example Birmingham) and deliver to Point B (Cumbria) averaging 300-400 miles per day. Carrying anything from Pharmaceuticals, Electronic Equipment and Important Documents. These goods may be valuable and urgent.
Example:If you delivered a package from Birmingham to Ayr which is 272 miles and you were paid 60p per mile one way this would pay £163 and if you picked up a return journey from Ayr at 40p per mile your total pay would be £271 for a days work. Obviously your time do this would depend on the traffic but 8-10 hours should be about right to complete the job. But to boost your days pay you can contact a courier company in your area telling them you are travelling to Ayr and can drop off along the way, offering them a lower rate as you are going that way anyway. This should take your days earnings over £300 (Some people take a week to earn £300).
The types of businesses that use couriers:
 Advertising agencies
• Solicitors and legal companies
• Accountants and consultants
• TV and music producers
• Fashion and clothing companies
• Publishers and printers
• Factories supplying goods to the trade
• The motor trade, supplying of urgent spares.
What does a courier’s job involve?A Courier Company’s job involves collecting and delivering packages door to door from reception, specific person and offices delivering to its destination.You could be collecting from a solicitor’s receptionist, printers, publishers or Retail Company offering a door-to-door delivery service. All parcels will need to be signed unless otherwise stated as, leave in a safe place or with a neighbour etc. Obviously valuable items will almost always need to be signed for. The customer will require a professional and prompt job.

A typical day for a self-employed courier involves taking items from their hometown such as Birmingham and delivering somewhere such as Nottingham with a return journey dropping off on the way or back in Birmingham. This would give a good days pay and if you return to your hometown early enough you could take on another delivery and again a return job. Most self-employed couriers would do one to two trips a day; this would obviously depend on how long the first trip would take.

As a self employed courier you will usually be contacted the day before with a booking for the next day so you know exactly where you will be going, this gives you time to contact a few more courier companies locally and at your destination giving you the ideal opportunity not only to increase your profit delivering, but also increase them with return journey.